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Petition Started To Erect Statue In Birthplace Of Ronnie James Dio

How this hasn’t happened by now, we’ll never know.

Ronnie James Dio fan Brian Kelly has started a petition on in the hopes of getting a statue erected in honor of the late metal singer in his birthplace of Portsmouth, N.H.  The petition is addressed to the Portsmouth City Council and Mayor Jack Blalock and states, “There are currently other towns and cities with Dio’s likeness, but at this time, his birthplace has nothing…The tribute itself will be crowd or city funded (through provisions set aside in Portsmouth to pay for artistic installations) and multiple designs will be presented before asking for approval.”

One of those designs?  According to Kelly’s petition, “We would love to see him him to be depicted as he was in the video for ‘Holy Diver,’ sword in hand, ready to fight for the Arts and what is right. We understand this might not coincide with the wishes of all, so we will of course work with the estate of Mr. Dio to determine how they would like him depicted.”

The petition is look to get 1,500 supporters, and at time of publishing, it’s off of its goal by 79.

We doubt it’ll take that long for that to happen.


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