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Update On Carrie Fisher's Health

According to USA Today, Carrie Fisher is being treated in an intensive care unit after a serious medical emergency on a flight, according to her brother.

"We have to wait and be patient," he told The Associated Press, according to USA Today. "We have so little information ourselves."

TMZ reports that Carrie Fisher was mid flight when the event took place, and that "United Airlines says its crew reported Carrie as 'unresponsive' when they landed," and that she was put on a ventilator when she arrived at the hospital.

Sources to TMZ say "Carrie was on a flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. People on board were administering CPR."

The Star Wars heroine was 15 minutes from landing when the event took place, but now she is at least stable for the time being.


Carrie Fisher's family is asking for your hope ...

Carrie Fisher's family is asking for your hope and prayers! Let's send them some! Latest updates here ~ https://goo.gl/vJWUuE


Mark Hamill on Twitter

as if 2016 couldn't get any worse... sending all our love to @carrieffisher

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Thoughts and prayers for our friend and everyone's favorite princess right now.. @carrieffisher

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I ask everyone to stop for a moment and send special thoughts to @carrieffisher.