Bubba Grouch inside the WDHA Homegrown Spotlight

I've been a huge fan of Bubba Grouch ever since the creation of the band.   They have a southern rock meets the blues, meets classic rock type of vibe, and I love every earful of it!


I had the band come in to film for the blog quite some time ago, but I wanted to spotlight them this week, because they have a very cool gig coming up 2/25/17, with another one of my WDHA bands, Our Black Friday, at the Stanhope House!  These guys both have a lot of history, but have NEVER played together, so it should be quite the draw!   Our Black Friday's vocalist, Scott Williams, and Eddie Territo (Bubba Grouch's vocalist) founded Our Black Friday "back in the day", and Eddie eventually left the band, and came back (as any musician naturally does)....It was then, that Bubba Grouch's Eddie met guitarist Jimi Alan of Our Black Friday, and they decided to write music together in and out of Our Black Friday.


When Eddie decided to leave, again, he still kept in touch with Jimi Alan.  They kept on writing music together, and wrote so much, that they decided to make Bubba Grouch's debut album "Tin Whiskers", and each new member of the band joined in on the collaboration bringing their own unique qualities to make the final result of all that is ...Bubba Grouch.


So get on out and support these bandmates, former bandmates, super-group mates, at the Stanhope House February 25, 2017!  Tickets are ONLY $10 if you get them in advance, and $12 at the door.


Currently, Bubba Grouch is also in the studio with about six finished tunes for us, and various others in different stages of completion!  Make sure you follow them on social media, or get out to their live show to stay in the loop, and see an AMAZING band rock the house!


In the meantime, here they are live at the WDHA studios, back in November of 2015??!!!, when I was  pregnant as well!  Also, tune in all this week to hear this WDHA Homegrown Spotlight band of the week, as I air a different tune every night at 11:30pm!