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DES PLAINES, IL - MAY 9: A 7-Eleven store logo is visible outside a 7-Eleven store May 9, 2003 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Dallas, Texas-based 7-Eleven, Inc., the world's largest convenience store operator, reported on May 9, 2003 total sales for April 2003 of $897.0 million, an increase of 7.4 percent over the April 2002 total of $835.5 million, the 70th consecutive monthly increase in U.S. same-store sales. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

One man’s hatred for the 7-Eleven convenience store ended up leading to a hilarious story.

Abu Masa decided to show his disdain for the company by opening up his own store. He calls his convince store “6-Twelve” and is hoping to be a direct competition to the worldwide chain.

Masa’s feud with 7-Eleven started when “corporate offices demanded he offer hot dogs, taquitos, and pizza at his franchise even though says they didn’t sell” says Huffington Post. In order to avoid getting into trouble, he decided to go along with the company’s rules. Masa told

Masa told CBS Boston that “Whatever, whenever they want they can bring into the store and we have no option, no choice, but to accept it.” Owners of their chain business must follow the rules “because they said you signed the paperwork” adds Masa.

Along with this argument, Masa had a few other issues with the company’s rules. In recent years, he had a legal battle with 7-Eleven for rights to his franchise. According to CBS Boston, Masa settled the case out of court.

Masa decided to mess with the brand by taking the hilarious, yet brave move to open his own convenience store of a similar name. His store 6-Twelve is currently located right across the street from his old 7-Eleven.

Even though his store still sells similar items to his competition, Masa has a strategy to beat the competition. He told the Boston Globe that he knows “the price of everything in the store”. His plan is to “sell the same things cheaper.”

As for the hot food which lead him to creating his own business…you will not see a hot dog, taquito, or slice of pizza at 6-Twelve. Masa holds true to his original opinion and states that he will “never” sell hot food in his establishment.

So far, 7-Eleven has not responded to the competition.


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