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I swear, I would have loved to have this service in my early 20’s. 

Not only does the ride-sharing app Lyft save you from getting yourself into big trouble after a night of drinking, Lyft has just announced that they will be making a partnership with Taco Bell, which would allow their riders to add a “pit stop” to Taco Bell.

Between the hours of 9PM to 2AM, the service will be active, and it’s called “Taco Mode.”

So far, they will be testing this mode out in California, but they are looking to add this experience to more locations.

Taco Bell‘s chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg told The New York Times that “I kind of think of this like inverse delivery—like we’re delivering you to Taco Bell… You’re being delivered to the food as opposed to having to get in your own car and drive.”

She also notes that some people have been wanting this type of set up for a long time. “Some people are either afraid to ask or don’t know if they can ask… We’re taking all those questions marks of, ‘Would it be unseemly to ask my Lyft driver to go through the Taco Bell drive-through?’ And now we’re not only going to make it permissible, we’re going to celebrate this behavior.”

The drivers will choose to opt in for “Taco Mode,” so once it starts to be enacted in the rest of the U.S., we can’t wait to try it out.


Taco Mode | Taco Bell

Taco Bell is partnering with Lyft to make late night ride-thru's even more fun - we call it "Taco Mode".


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