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It’s true, friends. Football fanatics are going to have to choose a new snack, because we’re in the midst of a “chicken wing crisis,” if you can believe that.

According to Tasty Table VIA The Wall Street Journal, chicken wing prices have shot up 59 cents a pound.

Will that cause Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop to elevate their pricing, or cater to more boneless chicken wings?

Wingstop’s CEO says that is the norm, according to a quote in Tasty Table‘s article, saying that “That’s natural in the restaurant business to raise prices as commodity costs increase… We don’t want to raise them too much because we want to keep a great value for our consumers.”

And though you may question, “Okay, so just eat boneless wings,” many people will point out, including Serious Eats, that some “Boneless” chicken wings are just large chunks of Breast Meat.

Which personally, eating chunks of meat is much more appealing than sucking every inch of meat off a chicken bone to me, but hey, to each their own.


All I’m saying is I look really savage trying to eat a chicken wing. Talk about a mess!


Amy Cooper is one with the force, and the force is with her. 

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