Louie loves helping the kids at bath time!


Louie is so well behaved with his furry siblings


The face of a Rockstar!

WDHA’s Ultimate Rock Dog 2018 is a true ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere that find themselves with no one to step up for them. Louie was in a kill shelter hoping to get noticed. This lovable, goofy, friendly fella loves everyone he meets, but who would know that if he is going unnoticed with his time running out? Enter Tara and Krystina who saw Louie at an event a few days before and heard about his fate. They raced to the shelter and with 12 minutes to spare sprung this awesome dog from his horrible destiny and immediately put him into a foster home with dogs and lots of kids. Louie thrived and his foster mom Robin couldn’t bear to part with him. She made it official a few months ago. King Louie will never be homeless again. His story wowed our judges and he is now WDHA’s Ultimate Rock Dog 2018! You never know what amazing dogs are waiting in your local shelter! Congrats to Louie and all the humans who helped him on his journey! Opt To Adopt!

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