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Last month, we reported that Walmart was testing out a new delivery service that involved the delivery person entering homes and putting the customer’s groceries away.

Now, it appears Amazon is following in Walmart’s footsteps, to a certain extent. Naturally, there’s a twist.

The Walmart model that’s currently being tested allows shoppers to order their groceries online. Then, the delivery person is provided with a code to enter the customers home, put the groceries away, and then exit the residence.

The customer receives a notification when the groceries have arrived, and when the delivery person exits the home.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Amazon hopes to encourage more online shoppers to order packages that the delivery person will place inside the residence.

The service is perfect for people who work long hours and typically refrain from ordering packages online, in fear of their package(s) being stolen.

Here’s how the Amazon in-home delivery works …

According to NBC News, the service will be offered to Prime members who reside in 37 different cities. Before they can take part in the in-home delivery service, they will first have to purchase a $250 Amazon kit which is comprised of a smart lock and a Cloud Cam.

Apart from the initial expense of purchasing the lock and camera, there is no charge for using the in-home delivery service. Purchasing the camera allows the customer to watch the delivery of their package and see the delivery person entering and exiting the home.

Once customers have ordered their Amazon goodies, a notification is sent to the customer regarding the delivery. At that time, the homeowner can either reschedule the delivery, watch the package being delivered inside their home live, or they can also opt to have the delivery person leave the package outside of the home.

Are you more likely to try out the in-home delivery service with Amazon or Walmart?

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