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Six TV Shows That Aren’t Streaming Anywhere (But Need To Be)


One of the most underrated ensemble casts ever! And to paraphrase a line from a John Mulaney stand-up special, I miss Phil Hartman more than some of my own dead relatives.

NewsRadio Season 3 Episode 9 - Stocks

Air Date : December 11, 1996 Jimmy teaches Beth how to play the stock market, but refuses to help Bill. Matthew pretends to have flown to Japan, bringing back gifts for the office, including a samurai's katana sword for Dave.



Not only is ER not available for streaming, it somehow hasn’t landed a major syndication deal.  Be honest with yourself:  How many times have you watched reruns of the entire Law & Order franchise over and over and over again?  ER could totally have that same type of audience!

ER: Greene's very last patient. "Never let your work become your life, live a little"

ER: Mark Greene's very last patient, Orion in the Sky, Season 8, Episode 18. This episode features Dr.Greene's last day working at the ER and finally coming to terms with the fact he is going to die and he wants to die the way he lived his life.