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Green Day’s “Garage Sale” Might Be The Greatest Garage Sale Ever

It's garage sale time for Green Day and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong

The singer and guitarist launches a Green Day Garage Sale on Wednesday (December 20) through the Reverb online store, offering up a selection of guitars, amplifiers, a recording console and more, many with historic positions in Green Day's Career.

In a video at statement, Armstrong says that, "after 30 years of collecting odds and ends and really good stuff what ended up happening is I got too many, so we've got to sell some of it off, some of it just kind of sat there." The offerings include a Victoria 35210-T tweed Super amplifier he used to record the introduction to "American Idiot's" title track and "Homecoming" from the album, as well as two Silvertone amps Armstrong used for the "Uno!," "Dos!," "Tre!" albums, a Burns Brian May guitar Armstrong played during the "American Idiot Tour," and a Gretsch guitar he played for Foxboro Hot Tubs projects.

The entire list can be found at

Armstrong adds that, "Used guitars, in particular, come with a history to them. I love the character you can see looking at a fretboard that's been used -- you can see where someone played it in clubs, in bars, in churches. We had a guitar come through our store, and you could just see the smoke from the clubs it was played in. It was beautiful. I hope the gear from the Green Day Reverb shop goes to someone that plays it."

The Official Reverb Green Day Garage Sale

Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong has accrued massive amounts of incredible gear over the course of his career, and you'll have the opportunity to own pieces of rock history when The Official Reverb Green Day Garage Sale launches soon. Find out more here:


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