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Mark November 2018 as the start date for the next Slipknot album.

This comes from The group’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan, who tells Britain’s New Musical Express that, “I’ll be in the studio in November 2018. There’s a plethora of s*** written…I’ve never heard music like that, that we’re doing right now.”

Crahan also floated the idea that the next album — Slipknot’s sixth and the follow-up to 2014’s .5 The Gray Chapter — could be “the last one…Who knows? I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I’m not gonna be like, ‘Farewell tour!’ then come back. Never say those words to fans — you have to come back if you say that. For me it’s like, I’m going to go fishing indefinitely.”

Slipknot’s individual members are, of course, busy with their own projects — none moreso than frontman Corey Taylor, who released an album with his other band, Stone Sour, and a book this year and recently released a live album from a solo performance online.

He tells us that Slipknot organically decides when the time is right to work together:

“We just kind of, y’know, if we get ideas we send them to each other. It’s just kind of a, y’know, once you kind of start to hear the machinery start to work, that’s when you kind of come running. When it’s time it’ll be time.”


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