Meet Wally! Wally came to NJ all the way from Puerto Rico! He was flown in after the hurricane this year and has quickly adjusted to life in New Jersey! Not much is known about Wally’s background but he absolutely loves people and is quite goofy. He is housebroken, healthy & the vet believes he is around 2 years old. He quickly won the hearts of many volunteers at the shelter with his good looks and friendly personality Wally prefers to be the only dog in the home so a home where he could be the center of attention would be best. This guy will put on a quite show with his silly antics, he will definitely keep you entertained!
Fun Fact! When Wally was in Puerto Rico he used to hang outside of a Walgreens, that’s how he got the name Wally!!- ADOPT WALLY!



To adopt Wally, please contact the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter at 973-543-9333 or visit their website at