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If there’s a band that loves some subtle absurdity, it’s the Foo Fighters.  If you needed to be reminded of that, a list of “prohibited” items from their show in Auckland, New Zealand has surfaced, and it’ll likely tickle your funny bone.

In addition to the usual selfie sticks and fireworks found on lists like these, fans also found out the hard way that “homemade nut milks” and “unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest” were also on the “prohibited items” list.

Radio Hauraki

The highlight of the Foo Fighters gig might have been the "Prohibited Items" list at Mt Smart Stadium...

Obviously, some of these items are meant as a joke, and in the spirit of comedy, here’s our ranking of joke items “prohibited” by the Foo Fighters.

12.  Leg warmers – Who’s wearing leg warmers to a Foo Fighters show?!

11. Mixtapes not in CD format – God help anyone who brings in a literal mixtape!

10.  Any pencil that isn’t number two (2) pencil
– There are pencils other than number twos?!

9.  Homemade nut milks – Who makes their own nut milks when they’re so readily available in nearly every grocery store?!

8.  Pirated VHS tapes of Land of the Lost, the series – We assume pirated VHS tapes of Land of the Lost the film are okay, however.

7.  Scythes – It makes sense why scythes are prohibited, but it makes us wonder if someone actually tried to bring a scythe into a concert venue.

6.  Free radicals (including antioxidants or Hong Kong Phooey (as voiced by Scatman Crothers) – This one placed as high as it is simply because there’s no way Hong Kong Phooey could be made today.

5.  Beige or mustard coloured macramé wall hangings – Never been inclined to settle into a venue to the point where hanging things up was necessary, but to each their own.

4.  Cream magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent – We sincerely hope someone has every issue of Cream magazine archived, and that they’re organized by whether or not the Motor City Madman is mentioned.

3.  Unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest – For a guy that always looks airbrushed even in person, the fact that unflattering photos of Seacrest exist, but now we want to see them.

2.  Derogatory press clippings of Shania Twain – Shania Twain and her inspirational backstory is remarkable.  Frankly, we can’t believe anyone would say anything bad about her.

1.  Any mention of Friendster OR Webster (staring Emmanuel Lewis) – Do millennials even know what Friendster is…or Webster for that matter?!


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