What a week! Hoping you fared well in Nor’easter’s 1 and 2…..

New Jersey took a wholloping! It was my pleasure to be on the air, giving out info and playing tunes and requests! Lots of requests….

This week Godsmack jumps in our top 3 with the debut of their brand new one from “When Legends Rise” coming out in April, and Judas Priest fans were hungry for tunes from Firepower. Please listen for my exclusive conversation with Rob, Ritchie and Scott from JP this week on the Firepower radio special this week too! Here are the Top 3 most requested NEW DHA Rockers….

#3- STP-Meadow

#2- Godsmack- Bulletproof

#1- Judas Priest- Lightning Strike

Call in your requested tunes at 973-292-1055, email me at terrie@wdhafm.com , hit us up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1055WDHA/?ref=bookmarks

or Twitter @TerrieCarrRnR or @wdhafm.

Rock On!