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Five Finger Death Punch are starring down a very busy 2018 with the May 18 release of their seventh studio album And Justice for None and their upcoming summer tour with Breaking Benjamin.

The band, of course, had a somewhat chaotic 2017 due to a lawsuit with their record label, Prospect Park, and former manager Jeff Kwatinetz, which was settled in October.

So, did the legal battle influence FFDP’s new record in any way?   Guitarist Zoltan Bathory shared some insight in a recent conversation with WRIF’s Meltdown:

“Everyone knows we were in this crazy situation last year, and actually, that’s how the album title came about.  When you’re in a lawsuit, the only people that win are the lawyers…Finally, when we settled, I think Ivan [Moody] was the one that said, ‘Well, I guess that’s justice for none!’  And then we were all like, ‘Well, let’s call the album ‘Justice for None’!’…We all know there’s a Metallica album [called ‘…And Justice For All’] obviously out there, but it’s funny in many ways.  Those lyrics from Metallica’s ‘…And Justice For All’ actually make a lot of sense today.”

As for the album’s material itself, Bathory indicated that there will likely be a few tracks that will resonate heavily with the FFDP fanbase:

“Five Finger Death Punch kind of have a ‘sound.’  You hear it on the radio, and you know it’s us…And for us, it’s always about writing the song. The song is what matters most to us…If you, in your career as a musician, can write one of those songs, then I think you’ve succeeded.   Because that’s what matters.  Can I write songs that really mean something to people?  That’s what it’s really about.  This record has three or four of the biggest songs we’ve ever wrote…They’re really going to hit some chords with people.”

And Justice for None is currently available for pre-order in multiple formats and bundles at

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