Hey Rockers,

Three amazing bands with their new tunes are featured in this week’s Big D Top 3 including Dorothy who we will have an exclusive acoustic jam with on 5/18! Enter here for your chance to join us!https://wdhafm.com/contests/free-show-friday-dorothy/

Also Red Sun Rising blew our doors off with their final DHA-PRIL performance, (missed it? click here!) https://wdhafm.com/2018/04/25/red-sun-rising-live-wdhas-coors-light-studio/

So no shock that the response was immediate……here are this week’s top 3 most requested NEW DHA Rockers….

#3- Red Sun Rising- Deathwish

#2- Ghost- Rats

#1- Dorothy- Flawless

Make your requests at 973-292-1055, hit me up on Facebook and Twitter and champion new rock!