A hot debated topic for Star Wars fans is finally coming to an end — maybe.

In 1977, the first Star Wars film A New Hope was released in theaters and nothing was ever the same again.

Since its epic welcoming into our galaxy, seven more films have been released in the series, causing a debate among the biggest fans. What is the best order to watch these in?

Some people, including George Lucas himself, argue that the way they are intended to be watched is by starting at the first film and going in numerical order. Others, however, have different ideas.

Many may argue that new Star Wars fans should watch the films just as they did, beginning with the original trilogy, followed by the prequel and then heading into the latest films.

One unique idea that has populated is called “The Rinster Order” – IV, V, I, II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX – named after the fan Ernest Rinster, who is said to have created it.  Another theory is to drop The Phantom Menace entirely.

Should we even get started on the spin-offs?

Do you have a particular order you think is correct, or is this all just making your tin foil hat spin?