On Tuesday, the Rolling Stones played in London for the first time in five years – But some fans are furious after missing part of the show due to a stadium ban on large bags.

The Stones announced before the tour that bags larger than a small purse would be forbidden in the stadium. But of course, not all fans knew about the policy and many ended up missing part of the show after being turned away at the gate.

Fans made their feelings known on social media. One fan said her 65-year-old mother was turned away because her purse was one inch too big. Others say once they got inside, they saw dozens of people carrying oversized bags.

A spokesman says the bag policy is “tour-wide” and done for safety reasons. The Stones will play London Stadium again Friday night with Florence + The Machine.

Is stadium security too strict, or do you think the policies are understandable?

Do you tend to show up early or late to concerts?