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VIDEO: Dave Grohl Fakes Stage Fall At Sweden Show

Dave scoundrel!

The Foo Fighters returned to Gothenberg, Sweden yesterday (June 5), which is the place where Grohl infamously fell off stage and broke his leg back in 2015.  As the band took to the stage, a Grohl stunt double came out and pretty much launched himself off the stage.

The actual Grohl appeared moments after, but we’d love to know just how many fans in attendance were freaked out by that display.  

Honestly, we sincerely hope the stunt double somehow becomes part of the stage show and does ridiculous things every single night.  Think about how many times Rick Astley has performed with the Foos in recent memory. Having a wacky Grohl stuntman isn’t completely absurd!

"Dave Grohl" falls off the stage in Sweden... AGAIN!

Nearly three years to the day that he broke his leg when he fell offstage in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dave Grohl fooled a crowd in the same city into thinking that he had done it again. Foo Fighters opened their concert with a man dressed as Grohl coming onstage and spilling out onto the floor!


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