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Will the leader of KISS please step forward…NOT SO FAST, GENE SIMMONS!

In an interview with, drummer Eric Singer was asked who actually has the final say in decisions on KISS.  His answer was rather surprising:

“People always think it’s Gene. Respectfully, Gene and Paul do the thing together, but I always tell people, it’s not what you think. Nothing happens in KISS without Paul Stanley saying, ‘Yay.’ There’s some times when Paul doesn’t care about something, and says, ‘Yeah, I don’t care. Whatever.’ Put it this way, if Gene wants to do it, and Eric and Tommy want to do it, and everybody else…if Paul doesn’t want to do something, we’re not doing it. If Paul wants to do it and Gene doesn’t, Gene usually says, ‘Okay, whatever.’ Gene usually just wants to play. He just wants to keep doing whatever we do. So, there is that….”

In other words, all of those wild merchandising ideas over the years, from condoms to caskets, we can likely thank Starchild for giving the okay.  Honestly, pretty sure most people thought the Demon was the final say.

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