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3/2000 John Cusack Stars In The Movie "High Fidelity."

Today (June 28) is John Cusack’s birthday, and while many best remember him holding a boombox aloft and openly pining for a girl with the help of Peter Gabriel, his best role is the heavily flawed, yet endearing Rob Gordon from 2000’s High Fidelity

Based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name, High Fidelity is one of those movies to which nearly every obsessive music fan can relate.  Perhaps, you’re not as judgemental as Rob or his motley crew of record store employees (props to Jack Black for his breakout performance as the hilarious Barry), but his passion is all too relatable, and there’s no greater example of said passion than in the scene below.

This scene, which was deleted from the final cut of the film, finds Rob visiting a home where a jilted wife (played by the somehow still hot Beverly D’Angelo) is selling her husband’s incredible collection of 45s.  (Rob’s reaction to the collection is priceless.)  The wife’s asking price?  $50.  Rob’s subsequent conversation with D’Angelo’s character is simply pure gold.

(WARNING:  NSFW language ahead.)

High Fidelity - Deleted Scene: Records for Sale

DJ Rob Gordon (John Cusack) arrives at the home of a woman (Beverly D'Angelo) whose estranged husband has an amazing collection of singles.

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