Sampson is a little puppy with a BIG STORY! Left in the garbage because his legs didn’t work quite right, this special pup was pulled from a high kill shelter from the awesome gals at Bully Rescue Warriors. Samson was born with a birth defect that causes his back legs to not work the way they should, but he has no idea he is different at all! Sampson is just like any other pup- friendly, sociable, happy and very playful. He lives with many pets big and small, canine and feline in his foster home and is looking for a family of his own that will have some patience and time for this awesome boy! Sampson has his own wheels supplied to him and is learning to use them and has the BEST attitude….special needs….REALLY special dog! ADOPT SAMPSON! 



For more information on how to adopt Sampson, you can email Bully Rescue Warriors at