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Have you ever been to Target and had several things jump into your cart without your knowledge?

Next thing you know you’re out $100 bucks.

Yeah, that’s happened to us too!

Weird, right?

Well in an interesting turn of events, your inability to only purchase the one thing you went to Target for may not be your fault.

In fact, it actually has a name.

According to WLTX, the instance described above is called the “Target Effect,” and apparently it happens to even the savviest shoppers.

Experts blame the store’s layout as the reasoning behind why it’s nearly impossible to only purchase one item at Target.

As you guessed, Target is intentionally trying to visually communicate with your brain that you need things you really don’t need — Especially when it’s a “deal” you can’t pass up.

But there is one way you can reason with yourself and keep your money in your wallet.

Before putting any item in your cart, stop and ask yourself if you REALLY need it.

We’re definitely going to have to try this the next time we go to Target.

Stay tuned …

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