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Lots of mystery has surrounded Greta Van Fleet’s debut album, but the band has finally pulled back the curtain on some very important details.

In a dramatic video posted to the band’s social media accounts, the album’s title and track listing were revealed.  Anthem of the Peaceful Army will feature ten new tracks, among them their latest single “When The Curtain Falls.”  (See full track listing below.)

Greta Van Fleet

As the new day unfolds...

Of course, the final piece of that puzzle pertaining to the album’s release date still remains unknown, but hopefully, that news will come sooner than later.

Greta Van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army – Track Listing

  1. “Age of Man”
  2. “The Cold Wind”
  3. “When The Curtain Falls”
  4. “Watching Over”
  5. “Lover, Leaver (Take, Believer)”
  6. “You’re The One”
  7. “The New Day”
  8. “Mountain of the Sun”
  9. “Brave New World”
  10. “Anthem”

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