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Ozzy Wishes You’d Stop Saying He’s Retiring

Despite Black Sabbath calling it a day, Ozzy Osbourne certainly isn’t done with music anytime soon despite the name of his farewell tour “No More Tours 2.”

In an interview with Philadelphia’s The Inquirer, Ozzy cleared up matters by saying, “What I'm stopping is doing what I'm doing now, going around the world all the time.  I wish people would understand I'm not retiring. Is it my bad English accent? It's called the 'No More Tours' tour. It doesn't say 'No more tours ever.'"

Well, you can’t blame people for being confused by the name of the tour.  As for the accent...well...fine! It’s not exactly helping, but with so many acts announcing their retirement this year, it was simply an honest mistake.

The “No More Tour 2” trucks on tonight (September 12) with a show in Camden, N.J.  To see Ozzy’s upcoming tour dates, head to

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