Thanks to all who entered our 2019 WDHA Ultimate Rock Dogs Contest! We had record entries and record votes this year!

13 beauties will make the WDHA Ultimate Rock Dogs calendar and have their rescue stories told (as they are all rescues) and spread the word about how awesome shelter dogs are. We have seniors, purebreds, and four dogs that have special challenges and are ambassadors for helping humans understand that dogs that are different deserve great homes and make amazing companions.

This years Ultimate Rock Dog is Oreo. A rescue Pit Bull that is a great representative of the Bully Breed because he is a therapy dog who works with kids, seniors, teens…heck anyone who needs some cheering up! Oreo is also deaf and signs with his humans and is friendly, curious and mellow with everyone he meets.

Congratulations to Oreo and first runner up- King Arthur (aka Little Dude) a Pekinese from Ringwood who may not get around the same as other pups, but has a great spirit and is also a certified therapy dog bringing happiness to so many.

Look for the WDHA Ultimate Rock Dogs charity calendar coming soon with 100% of the proceeds benefitting local shelters.

Congrats to all of our pups on becoming our Rescue Rockstars!

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Terrie Carr

WDHA 2019 Ultimate Rock Dogs Winner Oreo

First Runner Up- King Arthur