Heading into November with a big push for Food, Toys and Clothing led by The Morning Jolt, Our Ultimate Rock Dogs 2019 Calendars go up for sale on 11/15, Our Naughty Or Nice Ball NY starring Halestorm and In This Moment rocks 11/24 and the end of month announces our next Raven Room listener experience…..get ready for a November to remember!

With that said, we have some great new rockers making lots of noise! Here are our top 3 most requested NEW DHA Rockers of the week!

#3- Rival Sons- Do Your Worst- (new record- Feral Roots hits in January- check out their Raven Room performance here- https://wdhafm.com/2018/10/26/rival-sons-at-the-raven-room-with-wdha/

#2- Greta Van Fleet- When The Curtain Falls- (3 sold out nights coming to NY this month)

#1- Disturbed- Are You Ready- (congrats to Kyle who won the destination Disturbed trip!) 

Call me and get on the show! 973-292-1055, post your requests on our FB page or tweet- @TerrieCarrRnR-

And keep in mind we have full hours for your requests- The All Request Lunch Hour at noon, The Rockturnal Request Zone with Scotty B at 9p and of course the All Request Saturday Night.

(picture of a Pit Bull in a tux and tails for no reason! just loved this guy who stopped by one of my appearances with his rockin’ human listener)

Rock On!