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Here’s a plot twist for you: Adam Driver may have a secret son.

According to Page Six, the actor is a father.

Moreover, it’s a secret he’s managed to keep hush-hush for two years.

According to friends of Driver and his wife, Joanne Tucker, photos were shared on private social media accounts during Joanne’s baby shower.

Tucker and Driver wed in 2013.

Driver has had plenty of opportunities to mention his son during interviews, but has always shied away from the topic.

In one interview in 2017, for example, Driver insists he’s not sure he could love anyone more than his dog. He even declared maybe if he had a kid … that would change.

Mind you, this video was taken last year, so if he does really have a son, it makes the video all the more odd.

It’s almost as if he’s trying to throw people off from the realization that he is a dad.

See for yourself:

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