Meet Gordito or Gordy for short! This 4 month old American Bulldog has an amazing story. Rescued from Puerto Rico by NJ’s Bully Rescue Warriors, because he had a spinal defect- This little guy would have met a terrible fate if not for the awesome gals that stepped in to bring him to NJ. Gordy is a special needs pup in the fact that he moves around quite differently than other dogs, but he has no idea he is different! He loves his foster mom, dogs, cats and kids in the household and is such a friendly, playful little guy who loves his toys and is getting around just fine! Gordy is starting to get used to his wheels that will be supplied to him for life as he grows. Gordy is such a special little guy with so much love to give and is looking for the right family to give this special dog a normal happy life! ADOPT GORDY!




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