TC here wishing our friend Ace (Space Ace) Frehley a Happy Birthday!

WDHA presents Ace at the Starland Ballroom on Sunday June 30th, tickets are on sale now via

We always have a healthy dose of Ace/Kiss requests (especially in the lunch hour) so check out the Spaceman’s 5 most requested DHA listener favorites….(some of mine too!)

5. 2000 Man- From “Dynasty” it’s not actually and Ace tune, but a Stones Jagger/Richards cover that Ace totally made his own.

4. Parasite– This super heavy Ace contribution to “Hotter Than Hell” is a Kiss fan favorite.

3. Rip It Out– A gem from Ace’s solo debut – it kicks off the album with Ace’s signature guitar sound.

2. New York Groove– Can you dance to it? hell yeah….it is catchy? HELL YEAH! The  most successful of all of the bands solo singles this tune is still one of WDHA’s most requested classics. Ace didn’t actually write it, Russ Ballard (of Argent fame) did …but an Ace signature tune for sure!

  1. Shock Me- Inspired by the time Ace was nearly electrocuted on stage! This Kiss classic is not only a fan favorite but also Ace’s vocal debut with the band. A KILLER KISS JAM!

See you at Starland on 6/30 (and also at The Bergen Pac in Englewood on 6/28)…..


Terrie Carr