Hi friends. Saturday marked two years since we lost Chris Cornell. His music has meant so much to so many  WDHA listeners that we have done a tribute show for the past two years. The show is a journey through  Chris’s dynamic body of work from Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog and his beautiful solo catalog. Listeners on air sharing thoughts, feelings and what Chris meant to them. I have been fortunate enough to interview Chris many times- he was one of my favorite artists to sit down with, and I chose this particular interview to include because it truly shows how talking to Chris was just like talking about music with a friend. He was a gentle, kind yet passionate person.  He was always warm, gracious and giving.  A gift for any interviewer.

A true artist who is missed in music everyday.

Rest In Peace Chris…

Terrie Carr

Tribute Tunes- 

Rusty Cage- Badmotorfinger

Can’t Change Me- Euphoria Morning (Mourning) 

Be Yourself- Audioslave – Out Of Exile 

Heavy Is The Head- With the Zac Brown Band

Seasons- Singles Movie Soundtrack 

Fell On Black Days – Superunknown

Say Hello To Heaven- Temple Of The Dog 

My Wave- Superunknown 


Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart- Higher Truth

Day I Tried To Live- Superunknown

Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover) 

Cochise- Audioslave