The 90’s era of rock will always be known for the birth of grunge but there were so many great songs that got lost in the shuffle. While bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails and Green Day, among so many others, were solidifying their place among rock’s elite, some bands or songs didn’t quite get the airplay they should have. To celebrate DHA Rocks the 90’s Weekend, I put a list together of 9 songs that should not be forgotten about in our love for the 90’s. A couple of the bands are more well known than others, but all these songs are absolutely killer tunes!

Izzy Stradlin And the JuJu Hounds – ‘Shuffle It All’

After leaving Guns n’ Roses, Izzy Stradlin didn’t exactly go into hiding. He started his own group, with his own sound, and this tune was the result.


Nada Surf – ‘Popular’

These guys reminded me of a heavier Weezer. If you spent anytime in high school in the 90’s, you somehow related to this song and it could have easily been an anthem for 90’s kids.

Nixons – ‘Sister’

The Nixons were a band that bloomed out of Oklahoma in the mid-90’s and this track was the big hit off their album ‘Forma.‘ One of the really solid power ballads of the era.

Brother Cane – ‘And Fools Shine On’

Th band Brother Cane out of Alabama had 3 albums in the 90’s, led by lead singer Damon Johnson’s powerful vocals. This was the big hit off Brother Cane’s second album ‘Seeds.’ If you’ve never head Johnson’s vocals, this song is a great introductory lesson, as is their first hit, ‘Got No Shame.’ Absolutely fantastic.

Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ – ‘Fly Me Courageous’

If you longed for some Southern Rock, these guys popped up with a hit or two in the early 90’s. Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ found themselves somewhere in the scope of being heavier than the Black Crowes but not exactly in line with heavy rock band like Guns n’ Roses. This was their most popular tune and a really solid one at that.

Filter – ‘Take a Picture’

One of the cool things about the mid 90’s was the development of MTV’s all-acoustic series called ‘MTV Unplugged.’  That show launched a period of the 90’s where even harder bands, made softer tunes to fit in with the ‘uplugged’ sound. Filter is no exception. They had a couple of solid, heavy hits in the early 90’s and then came back with this really good ballad later on in the decade.

Pride & Glory – ‘Losin’ Your Mind’

This song just proves that no matter what instrument you put in a song involving Zakk Wylde, it is going to sound great. Banjos, really? Yes, really, this actually happened in the mid 90’s! Somewhere between being Ozzy’s lead axe man to Black Label Society, the Bezerker was involved in a project called ‘Pride & Glory.’ This is a quasi-southern rock tune but make no mistake, it has Zakk’s killer trademark guitar sound all over it.

Sponge – ‘Molly’

Sponge has one my favorite tunes of the 90’s with ‘Plowed,‘ but their follow-up is a really good tune as well.

Oasis – ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’

Oasis is much better known for their big hits ‘Wonderwall,’ and ‘Champagne Supernova,’ but they had a song this song “Cigarettes & Alcohol” that showed their heavier, punk background.

What lost 90’s tunes are your favorites? Let us hear about them by commenting below.