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The Fyre Festival is the saga that just won’t end thanks to its bankruptcy case that has led to blink-182 being sued for the return their $500,000 performance fee.

Per Variety, blink-182, as well as models Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, are being sued in separate cases by the trustee in the Fyre Festival bankruptcy case, because they did not “…inform their fans and followers that they ultimately decided not to attend the Festival because of problems with the Festival of which they and their agencies were uniquely aware.”

On top of that, these lawsuits claim that since payments to blink-182, Jenner and Ratakowski “were part of organizer Billy McFarland’s scheme to defraud investors,” they “therefore should be voided.” Clearly, this is an attempt to gain back some of the money that can be refunded to Fyre Festival’s original investors.

blink-182 were set to headline the Fyre Festival but withdrew from the event.

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