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Freddie Mercury and his solo work will be honored in the new box set Never Boring, and included in the set are a number of Mercury’s best solo performances and music videos, including the video for “Living On My Own” that was originally banned.

The video below was shot at Henderson’s Nightclub in Munich, Germany. The video shoot, itself, was part of Mercury’s 39th birthday party, and he requested those invited to dress in drag and only in black and white. The clip, however, was shelved by CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff because of the video’s “perceived promiscuity.” Compared to music videos released in the years since, the video for “Living On My Own” is pretty tame and really just looks like a bunch of people in a club having fun.

Never Boring features five discs: three CDs, a Blu-ray and a DVD. The three CDs contain Mercury’s two solo albums – Mr. Bad Guy and Barcelona – while the third disc shares the box set’s title and is a greatest hits compilation of Mercury’s solo tracks.

Never Boring comes out October 11 and is available for pre-order through multiple platforms here.

Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Official Video Remastered 4K)

REMASTERED IN 4K! New stereo mix and remastered video taken from the "Never Boring" box set out 11th October. Pre-order here: The "Never Boring" box set brings together for the first time a specially-curated selection of Freddie Mercury's music, visuals and written and spoken words.


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