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David Lee Roth is not one to shy away from saying…well, pretty much anything, and that was certainly the case in a recent interview.

Appearing on KKLZ’s “The Mike & Carla Morning Show,” Roth reflected on the influence of Van Halen on bands that followed saying, “Hair bands were the imitations of Van Halen. Yeah, it is true, and spandex was what they came up with as something visual. I started off in leather, with the same haircut that Bono and [Bruce] Springsteen and the guys in Metallica had. A famous haircut – if I had that same haircut today, it’d have its own Instagram!”

DLR does make a good point about that Instagram line, and that account would probably have thousands of followers. However, he would continue saying, “But Van Halen was a ’70s band — we started off in 1972, and our first two albums were in the ’70s. We sold our first 10 million records before the ’70s were over. We spawned a whole lot of imitators who resorted to gimmickry and trade crap. It’s easier to imitate a haircut and a kind of pants and to exhibit bad behavior.”

Ah, yes…to rip off someone’s look is one thing, but to do so while having true talent is another!

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