Chris Swendeman


Over the past few years, homeowners have gotten pretty elaborate with their Christmas and holiday light displays. Some displays have gotten so extravagant, they would make Clark Griswold jealous! We’ve seen light displays now set to music. Well rockers like the holidays too and some have taken their love for rock n’ roll and heavy metal and incorporated that into their displays.

We found some pretty cool displays set to some of our favorite songs. If you’re lucky to live near any of these folks, you’re set fr some really rockin’ holidays!  Here are the top hard rock and heavy metal Christms light displays that rock!

‘Christmas in Sarajevo’ – TSO

‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ – Twisted Sister

‘Kickstart My Heart’ – Motley Crue

‘Panama’ – Van Halen

‘Enter Sandman’ – Metallica

‘The Final Countdown’ – Europe

Slayer Medley

‘For Those About To Rock’ – AC/DC

Slipknot Medley

‘I’m Broken’ – Pantera

Which band or song would you love to see set to a Christmas light display? Leave your comments below and let us hear about it!