Released August 5, 1980.

Terrie Carr here and if you listened to my show after the Rock Hall announced their list you know I was pissed. Now hear me out- I have no issues whatsoever with “non rockers’ being inducted. I believe the Hall made a mistake by not calling it the “Music Hall Of Fame”.  My issue has always been iconic architects being overlooked for marquee names.

Pat Benatar’s snub and Judas Priests blatant metal diss made me the most angry. Deserving inductees indeed. Then I thought about the lack of actual women in the Hall as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when Stevie Nicks was inducted twice (as the only woman to be inducted twice btw) but it is hard to believe that these ladies have never been recognized……not all “rock” by definition…but with the diverse nominations over the years of so many genres, their contributions are certainly “Hall Of Fame” worthy!

  • Pat Benatar– A hard rock goddess who defined the 1980’s. The first woman to be shown on MTV. The voice of a generation who wasn’t afraid to be tough. Plus over 30 million sold.
  • Carole King- In as a songwriter, but not a solo performer with Tapestry being one of the best selling albums of all time.
  • Dolly Parton– A country pioneer who changed songwriting for women period.
  • The Runaways– Teenage punks. before anyone else. Giving us Joan and Lita.
  • Karen Carpenter– An influential voice like no other that inspired so many pop singers.
  • Chaka Khan– Sorry Whitney and Janet, but without Chaka…well you know….
  • Emmylou Harris– Helped to define the California country rock sound. Emmylou deserves a nod.
  • Patsy Cline– The early voice of country with a rock and roll attitude, Patsy was a monster.
  • Carly Simon– Brilliant songwriter. And one of the few women to perform a theme for a James Bond flick!
  • PJ Harvey– Hard and abrasive and extremely underrated- PJ was groundbreaking in the Alternative wave and we still haven’t caught up….

I could go on…Loretta Lynn, Streisand, Cindy Lauper, Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon…well you get the picture. Metal gets ignored and so do the ladies but we still rock …with a new breed of amazing fearless females leading the charge….thank you Lzzy, and Taylor and Dorothy and Amy and Marie and Mixie…..keep it going!

Rock On!