When it comes to dating you’ve probably heard of “ghosting,” “orbiting” and “dogfishing,” but now there’s a brand new dating fear: “Valentightening.”

The term refers to a person who breaks up with their sweetheart before February 14th because they’re too “tight” financially, or cheap to buy a gift, flowers or pay for a night out.

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It’s not just about money though, it also refers to skimping on commitment. A valentightener may not be entirely committed to a relationship, but it takes the pressure of Valentine’s Day to make them realize it’s time to end it. As Valentine’s Day approaches many examine they’re relationship and decide if it’s worth continuing.

History shows that more people end their relationships just days before Valentine’s Day than any other time of year. So, you could say, still being in a relationship on February 14th is a gift in and of itself.