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When my high school football coach handed me a list of phone numbers to call to reports the results after each of our games during my sophomore year, little did I realize then that it marked the start of my radio career.

Included with a bunch of newspapers were the numbers of two local radio stations.

Sure, I was one of those kids listening to a transistor radio hidden under the pillow when my parents thought I was asleep, but it wasn’t until I began calling into Morristown’s WMTR where my reports were recorded and played back that I had a “maybe this could turn into something” moment.

That “something” took me on a path that ultimately led here to WDHA on Thanksgiving Weekend 1998.

There’s a “theater of the mind” element to radio that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere. It is one of the things that drew me to the radio in the first place and continues to inspire me to this day.


Radio was always something I wanted to do. The story I told on air of getting hit in the head with a speaker when I was a kid was 100% true. Still have the scare to prove it. So, it appeared radio was my path from the beginning.

My first ‘real on air’ experience was a one hour show in high school just before class. By that point, I was hooked. I think that’s when I really started working on my voice, how I can change it and what kind of characters I could create with it. I’m still fascinated with it.

Getting a job here at WDHA in 2008 was completely life changing in so many different ways. I’ve done so many cool things and met so many amazing people. I wanted to get into radio because I thought it was a cool job. And it is! What I didn’t know was that coolest part of it, is the people I get to meet along the way.