Hi it’s Terrie Carr!

And welcome to my new podcast. As most of you know I have a passion for two things. Rock AND Animals! All animals…..so I decided to combine my broadcast passion for both and create “Terrie Carr’s Animal House”- Talking rocking animal topics! 

I talk to people about animals, talk about animals, get my rock friends involved talking about music and animals…we will have celebrity guests, rescue roundtables, folks who specialize in animal products, cool animal related chats, animal causes and more.  We will have a blast! So grab your animals every week and spend a few minutes with me! Because remember a house is not a home without an animal who owns you!

In my first episode you can hear my dogs Rosie and Scarlet kicking up their heels as I answer MY most asked listener questions (it was weird being on the answering side…not the asking side!) Comments and suggestions? Reach out anytime at TC@WDHAFM.COM!

Thanks for hanging!