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Tripadvisor has revealed its top travel destinations for 2020 and it includes locations that are currently popular, trending and emerging. The online travel company reviewed everything from accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

The number one emerging destination is Kaliningrad in Russia. Tripadvisor says travelers are interested in the Russian region because of its blend of Russian and Eastern Europe influences.

“We know the best trips are often inspired and guided by people like you who’ve been there before. The Trending and Emerging Destination winners are based on the feedback and growing interest from travelers on Tripadvisor and are therefore fantastic sources of inspiration and planning for discovering somewhere new,” said Neela Pal, VP of Brand for Tripadvisor in a press statement.

When it comes to the 25 trending destinations in the United States for 2020, Key Largo, Florida, Moab, Utah, Anna Marie Island, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, and Brooklyn, New York top the list.

Where do you plan on travelling this year?