Humble Bundle to Conquer COVID-19

The latest offering from Humble Bundle is a good one! For the uninitiated, Humble Bundle is a charity effort in which developers sell their games as part of an obscenely cheap bundle with all proceeds going to charity. The most recent Humble Bundle has $1,071 worth of product in it for $30. Thirty. Dollars. The bundle contains both ebooks and games, and all proceeds are going in support of organizations responding to COVID-19.

The bundle contains some indie darlings in it this time around, most notably UNDERTALE, Hollow Knight, and Into the Breach. Each of those games is worth a good 20-30 dollars by itself. In addition, you can pick up classics like Killing Floor 2, Psychonauts, and VVVVVV. Darksiders 1 and 2 are also included in the bundle, as is Brutal Legend. Fahrenheit is in the bundle as well if you can stomach some David Cage shlock.

Overall, it’s a great bundle. I should make note that one of the ebooks included is the first volume of Saga, which is an incredible series. Even if it didn’t have the added benefit of all proceeds going to charity, it would be worth picking up. However, in times when we need entertainment and organizations need money to combat COVID-19, it’s just a win-win. If you’re interested in the Humble Bundle, you can check it out here.

Looking for something to do while under quarantine? Check out the Shutdown Showdown! It’s a charity APEX Legends tournament benefiting No Kid Hungry. The tournaments are running on Tuesdays throughout April with proceeds going to charity. It’s just $10 to enter and you can enter solo or with your friends. Check it out here!