Coronavirus Information Center

A New Jersey photographer is capturing life during quarantine with her personal distant photo shoots. Alleah Bucs recently shared a gallery to Facebook of families and friends in her community participating in the “Covid Crawl.”

Bucs revealed that she was inspired by a friend that told her about a fellow photographer from Nashville, Tennessee whom was working on a similar project. With little to no notice, she put together a drive-by photoshoot and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

When it was time to put her photographer hat on, she wanted it to be clear that no one involved was being insensitive to the current COVID-19 crisis. Bucs says her photos quite literally show how families are handling life in quarantine.

“The struggle on the “Homefront” is NO WHERE near the struggle our first-responders, doctors, nurses, and families who are personally connected to the devastating effects of this virus, are going through,” Bucs shared to Facebook. “Not even a little bit. Their struggle is on a WHOLE different level. But the home-struggle is also real, so my hope is to brighten someone’s day.”

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