Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

Looking for a KILLER, unique, talented amazing band to discover? Well…“Mon The Biff” as Biffy Clyro fans would say.  NOW Biffy is certainly not a new band and this Scottish trio have headlined festivals and performed for countless fans with soon to be nine records under their belts! I have been a longtime Biffy Clyro fan and was super thrilled when I found out their charismatic frontman Simon Neil was coming on to chat on “Reconnect” and also perform two tunes for us including their new single “Instant History” and one of their fan favorites “Black Chandelier”. 

In episode 13, Simon talks to me about pushing back the release of their forthcoming album – “A Celebration Of Endings” to August and why they chose to take a fearless approach to making music.

Hope you enjoy our hang and Simon’s performance as much as I did! We WILL keep bringing you the rock!

Stay safe ….TC