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Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext took to his Instagram and shared a six-minute video explaining why he believes racism is “manufactured.”

In the video below, Vext highlights a number of popular, but unsubstantiated, conspiracy theories, including how the Clinton Foundation and billionaire George Soros fund the Black Lives Matter group, as he explains that racism doesn’t really exist.

“A call comes down the pipeline, and Black Lives Matter organizes these peaceful protests, and they’re all protesting and they’re all outraged and justifiably,” says Vext, while using a number of magic markers to demonstrate his point. “But what else do you have? You have Antifa, who’s paid for by George Soros. These are highly trained, professional rioters and escalators. So they move in and disperse throughout all the different riots, right? And then The Clinton Foundation pumps money into promoting this stuff on social media and pushing the movement.”

Vext continues, “George Soros and Ted Turner and f*—ing Turner Broadcasting and the Rockefellers the f—ing list goes on, they own most of these media companies. And the media companies are making billions of dollars by advertising because everyone’s transfixed to the news, and everyone is talking about it.”

Vext then adds, “Additionally, while all of this is going on, Hillary Clinton and her buddies are all on trial, and they don’t want this s— on the news. So, this is a huge gaslight, and people are not paying attention to what is going on. Now, why would they want to do all of this? Because they’re afraid, first of all, that if she [Clinton] doesn’t get her appeal and she has to testify, she might be found guilty in a court and then be found guilty of treason, which would mean she’d either get jail time or be sentenced to death for being a traitor to America.”

The trial Vext is referring to is a pending D.C. Circuit Court case involving the email servers Clinton used as Secretary of State that could involve Clinton being called to sit for a deposition. Per, “A panel of federal appeals judges were doubtful Tuesday of what additional information could be gleaned about Hillary Clinton’s emails if the former secretary of state were to sit for a deposition in a public records case.”

Vext would drive home his point saying, “We have turned into this — citizens policing other citizens over a veil of racism that doesn’t exist. I’m African American, I’m 38-years-old, I’ve grown up in this country and I have not experienced actual racism. I’ve spent 20 years traveling through 48 states and…50 countries all over the world. We don’t have a problem with race here. It’s all manufactured.”

But he then says, “Yes there is systemic racism, but it’s put in place by people like this [holds up marker representing Soros.] George Soros made his money by selling Jews to the Nazi Party. By ratting people out, that’s how he made his thing. Hillary Clinton is friends with David Duke, who’s the head of the KKK.”

Vext’s complete video can be viewed below.


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