It seems like drama just never stays away from the streaming community, and this week is no different than the rest. Following a posting on Reddit from a popular streamer xQc, he made an accusation that most popular streamers are actually PAID to do charity streams and the like. Now, this gets messy quickly, so hopefully, you can follow along. One of the other largest streamers in the entire space, Dr. Lupo, then spoke up about the accusation on his own twitter. This then prompted Jessica Blevins, who is married to Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja (the largest Fortnite streamer there is) to chime in with her own opinion on it. That’s where the feud between Ninja and xQc begins.


Popular streamer xQc went toe to toe with Ninja, his wife, AND his brother in law, and Alinity even gets trashed all at the same time, the newest Call of Duty update destroys the current meta and leaves pros furious, plus Riot devs remove one of only a few maps from Valorant due to cheating exploits!

Ninja and xQc Feud

This guy always has some trash to say. I’ve literally never heard of a single streamer getting paid to raise money, and per FTC rules if there WERE it would have to be easily known to the public

xQC responds:

“This is f***ing rich coming from you of all people, incredible you found the time to halfass listen to the clip and give your take no one asked about inbetween your virtue signaling posts.”

Jess then goes:

“OOO I was waiting for your response. Enjoy your day QVC!”

Now, to note so far, this is fairly tame by usual internet drama standards. But remember, this is the wife and MANAGER of one of the largest streamers that there is, this man was just broken off $30 million and has many eyes on him as Ninja decides what is next in his career.

xQc then decided to respond to Ninja’s wife again, saying:

“Of course I was going to answer sweetie, I was eating breakfast, fueling up for a productive day. Not very relatable I know! You should teach me a thing or two about fundraisers I’m sure you know a thing or two about raising funds. I mean, these gucci bags don’t pay for themselves.”

And this is where it all kicks off. You really shouldn’t refer to another man’s wife as “sweetie” but honestly, calling a man’s wife sweetie while implying that she is a lazy person after managing him to a huge contract buyout just set fire to the situation.

Ninja himself finally jumped into the internet food fight, tweeting back:

“You have 0 clue the amount of work Jess does for our family and our business, and when she wants to buy a gucci bag she f-ing can because she worked for it. We have donated millions to charity, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop being a piece of s***”

Ninja’s wife sent a final follow up tweet saying:

“I’m not your sweetie,” with xQc jabbing back “Damnnnnn, the manager is about to come out now”

Ninja even retweeted his brother in law, who tweeted his support for his sister and how he thought that using the word “sweetie” was an inherently sexist thing to do.

The only bright spot in all of this was Alinity popping in at the end to get smashed, when she tweeted

“Oh this is an easy bet. Team ninja loses easy,” with ninja responding, “don’t you have another cat to abuse?”

Long story short, this seems to be a common occurrence in 2020. Fighting online is the way these guys show off their clout, and it’s just stupid. Like, yes, Ninja’s wife probably shouldn’t have even poked the bear and spoke out on a dumb statement by another streamer. But never, and I mean never, should you continue to provoke another man’s wife who is only tangentially involved in the conflict. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta know when enough is really enough.


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