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We’ve all tried many things to get over a hangover – Advil, water, junk food, Gatorade, sleep, drinking more, etc. But it appears as if researchers in Finland have found an actual cure.

Per the New York Post, in a recent study published, researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland found amino acid L-cysteine relieved alcohol-reduced ailments such as nausea, headache, stress, and anxiety.

In a control group, researchers examined the effects of 1200mg and 600mg doses of L-cysteine. Stress and anxiety were managed with the smaller dosage, and nausea and headache results were apparent with the larger dose.

The outlet adds, “L-cysteine, a form of Cysteine, which is an amino acid important for making protein and other metabolic functions, has been used previously to help treat arthritis and the hardening of arteries. It has also reportedly been used to treat certain lung diseases.”

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