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Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

WDHA's Reconnect With Rockers with Amy Lee from Evanescence

In episode 28 of Reconnect the amazing Amy Lee checks in to discuss the bands new collection "The Bitter Truth", the bands single "Use My Voice", and her jou...

Episode 28 of “Reconnect” was a really special one for me. I have long admired Amy Lee and Evanescence as the leaders of a sound revolution where no rules, genres or limitation applies. The drum was their own to beat. they marched to no one but themselves. Speaking with Amy was and honor and such a natural conversation that all the questions I planned on touching upon flew out the window when we began to chat! It literally was like chatting with a close friend. We covered the bands new musical journey with “The Bitter Truth”, their single “Use My Voice” and why being heard and counted is so important. We also touched upon some of the hardships of being a woman in rock and how Amy feels a certain freedom and liberation as an artist. Truly one of my favorite chats ever. Thanks Amy….We will continue to bring you the ROCK! TC


Evanescence - Use My Voice (Official Music Video)

"Use My Voice" official music video OUT NOW! Thank you, for using yours. Love over hate. Truth over lies. Shine the light. Get Use My Voice wherever you list...