Dr. Disrespect has been busy for the past 24 hours. Between ALMOST getting Nadeshot banned on Twitch by talking to him during a Warzone tournament, stirring the rumor mill by alluding to wanting to own his own professional Call of Duty team, and just existing at this point, the Doc found himself on the downside of a beatdown in Madden 21 after the NFL launched their Madden 21 Virtual All Star Kickoff, which paired up celebrities to take on streamers and esports players to celebrate the return of football this fall. Madden NFL 21 is free to play all this weekend, and there is no better way to get pumped than to check out some of the matches between your favorite stars. Especially when Snoop Dogg is involved.


Dr. Disrespect gets DEMOLISHED by Snoop Dogg in Madden 21 All Star Kick Off, Plus, Ninja returns to Twitch as his official new home but returns to disappointing numbers that may not give his viewers much hope that he will climb back to the top of the Twitch subs dogpile. And, the WWE clarifies what their Monday ban on all stars using Twitch and YouTube Gaming really means for the future of stars like AJ Styles. All that and more, next, on The Breakdown

Dr. Disrespect vs Snoop Dogg in Madden 21

While the Hannibul Burress vs. Casey Neistat match was pretty entertaining, the highlight had to be the dunking that Snoop Dogg gave to The Two Time Champ. It was so bad that Snoop was taking smoke breaks during the game because he was killing it.

It was so funny to see the Doc not be his usual boastful and intense self. Here, he was laid back, funny, and just loving that he got to hang out with Snoop. This is the kind of Doc that more people should be exposed to.

Seems like the play went over well enough, outside of the litany of #DropEA messages that flooded the chat when this video went live. Either way, just like the people who are mad at the NFL for allowing athletes to kneel saying they won’t watch, I’m sure the same people spamming that hashtag will be playing all weekend long for free.


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