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Meg White and one of her cymbals may have just broken an auction record.

As part of a charity auction from Jack White, one of Meg White’s Paiste crash cymbals sold for a whopping $10,000 dollars. After doing some research, the Third Man Records Instagram shared, “We’ve checked with the experts, we’ve dug into the archives, and it appears that the $10,000 paid for Meg White’s Paiste crash cymbal in the recent Third Man Records garage sale is the highest price EVER realized for a cymbal at auction. Prove us wrong? Congrats to both Meg and the lucky new owner!”

As part of the Instagram post, Third Man Records shared screenshots of other crash cymbals sold at auction including a signed Michael Jackson Ziljian cymbal that sold for $5,495 in April 2011, a Keith Moon cymbal that the Christie’s auction house sold for £2,375 ($3055.64 USD) and a cymbal signed by Pink Floyd that Julien’s Auctions sold for $5,760.

Once again, no one has come forward to dispute the figure, so it looks like this could be a new record. At the very least, it shows that some White Stripes fans have some seriously deep pockets! This is also good news, because a portion of the proceeds from the auction/”garage sale” benefit the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, Gideon’s Army, and the Detroit Phoenix Center.


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